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(This page was last updated on Friday 10th September 2021)

The Abbotts Ann Community Land Trust (AACLT) is pleased to be able to share the August 2021 Second Public Consultation Response for the ‘Homes for Abbotts Ann’ housing project.  Simply click on the yellow panel above to see the full consultation response.

We would like to thank everyone who took the time to review the updated plans and to complete the consultation questionnaire.

We were delighted to see that support for the proposal is now at 82%.


Our next step is going to be to request formal pre-application advice from Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC), which will take place alongside negotiations with TVBC regarding the Legal Agreement (Section 106) between AACLT, the Developer (Haygarth Ross)  and TVBC. 

The topics to be included in this Legal Agreement are as follows:

  • Community Benefit Payment

Developer to undertake to pay £100,000 by way of contribution to the construction of sports and recreation facilities at the Bulbery Sportsfield.

  • Highways

An undertaking to fund any infrastructure changes to avoid or mitigate impacts arising directly from the development.

  • Education

Our offer to establish and maintain a belt of trees on the bank that separates the Abbotts Ann Church of England Primary School from the development so as to prevent any over-looking of the school.

We will continue to discuss issues of traffic management with the School.

(Note that discussions with the School suggest that given the type of housing proposed, the development will not put pressure on pupil capacity. )

  • Nitrate Mitigation

We propose off-site measures to mitigate the impact of nitrate production by the development on the Solent estuary.

  • The Development

Requirements relating to the number and type of dwellings in the development,

design and layout matters, the management of the construction work.

  • On-going Maintenance

AACLT to maintain the public open space, roads, footpaths and hedgerows through a management company funded by a service charge.

  • Allocation of Homes
    • Occupation of Affordable dwellings only by qualifying persons.
    • Lettings of the Affordable rented homes through Hampshire Home Choice and Shared Ownership homes through the local Help to Buy Agent.
    • Rents and conditions of tenancies of Affordable dwellings to comply with government regulations and guidelines.

This should all ensure that we will then be ready to submit a planning application that is technically sound and complete.

We will, of course, continue to update you all on our progress!

In the meantime, if you would like to look back at either of the public consultation documents then they are still available to view via the following links: 

1st Public Community Consultation proposal

1st Public Community Consultation response

2nd Public Community Consultation proposal


If you are interested in the affordable housing – which will be specifically for people living or working in Abbotts Ann or with a close family connection to the village – you will need to join the housing register.  To find out all about this go to  ‘How do I apply for affordable housing in Test Valley?’ where you will find all the information, including a link to the Hampshire Home Choice website where you can apply to join the housing register.  


If you have any further questions or would like to contact us for any reason, please email the AACLT at enquiries@aaclt.abbottsann.com