Welcome to the Abbotts Ann Community Land Trust website

(This page was last updated on Wednesday 7th October 2020)

The Abbotts Ann Community Land Trust (AACLT) is delighted to be able to share with you the proposal for Homes for Abbotts Ann.  Simply click on the white panel above to see the proposal.

A leaflet is being delivered to all Abbotts Ann residents this week to ask for people to look at our initial proposal on this website and to provide opinions via our feedback link on page 22 of the document.  Your feedback is very important so please have a good look through the proposal and let us know what you think – you could influence the final designs.  Closing date for your feedback is 31st October 2020.

Once we have reviewed all of your comments, our Architect will draw up the final proposal which will then be shown to the village  later this year.  Hopefully we will be able to do this at a face-to-face event, but we will have to follow the Government’s Covid 19 Guidelines.  If we cannot meet face-to-face, we will do the final phase of consultation via this website – you will receive plenty of notice for this.

You’ll find HERE the process by which we have selected the site. We shall then also be able to show everyone our architect’s proposals for the layout of the site and the design of the houses. You’ll find here HERE pictures showing the design features in the village which have influenced the architect’s design with the article “Where do houses live” and “Distillation of Place Essay” in which our architect explains his guiding philosophy.

The story so far tells you what we have achieved since the public meeting.  The Archive section shows the PowerPoint slides shown at the public meeting and the subsequent report.

If you are interested in the affordable housing – which will be specifically for people living or working in Abbotts Ann or with a close family connection to the village – you will need to join the housing register.  To find out all about this go to  ‘How do I apply for affordable housing in Test Valley?’ where you will find all the information, including a link to the Hampshire Home Choice website where you can apply to join the housing register. If you have questions and would like to contact us, please use the Contact Us Form to contact one of the Board members.

Information about how ‘section 106’ money will become available as a result of our project and an invitation to make suggestions for village projects that might be initiated or supported. See the Community Benefits section for further details.