All Resolutions listed below are supported by the Board of Directors

Item 1 — Annual Report and Financial Statement for period ended 31st March 2020

Explanatory note: This is the accountants report on the accounts and covers the period from our creation on 8th February 2019 and the end of our accounting period on 31st March 2020. 

You will see from the Accountants Opinion that they consider the revenue account and balance sheet are in agreement with the books of account kept by AACLT and comply with statutory requirements.  They also state that we meet the criteria necessary to disapply the requirement for a full audit.  This is similar to the small company exemption for a full audit and we need to formally disapply section 83 of the Cooperative and Community Benefit Societies Act to enable us to take advantage of this concession.

As you will see from the numbers, our financial transactions for the period centre on the receipt of a substantial grant from Homes England to fund pre-development work, and this has been substantially spent in the course of the accounting period.

The resolution you are invited to approve is as follows:

RESOLVED THAT the accountants report to the board of directors in the form supplied with this resolution be approved and that section 83 of the Cooperative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 be disapplied in accordance with the powers conferred by section 84 of that Act

Item 2 — Appointment of Accountants/Auditors

Explanatory Note: We need to appoint accountants for the current financial period to ensure that the Community Land Trust continues to be run on a sound and proper financial basis and to review and provide their opinion on the year end statements.

The board of directors has been satisfied with the services supplied by the current accountants who were appointed following competitive tender and you are invited to approve the following resolution:

RESOLVED THAT Moore (South) LLP be re-appointed as accountants and auditors for Abbotts Ann Community Land Trust for the year 2020/21

Item 3 — Election/Re-Election of Board Members

Explanatory Note: The current Board members listed below were appointed by the original members of the Community Land Trust and are prepared to stand for election by the members.  If any other member wishes to stand for election to the Board, they should contact me (email tel. 01264 710001) to notify me of their wish. The board will then consider the application.  The maximum number of Board Members is 12.

You are invited to approve the following resolution by voting for candidates individually

RESOLVED THAT the below named members of the Board be re-elected as Board members for a term of 3 years expiring on the date of the Annual General Meeting 2023:

Ray Lucas
John Barlow
Dennis Carter
Tim Law
Beth Deacon
John Patience
David Read
Graham Stallard

Now, please go to the voting form from 9am on Wednesday 9th to 30th September 2020. The voting form is HERE