Where do Houses Live?

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  1. Ron Jones
    4:54 PM (24 minutes ago)
    to Rosemary

    Dear Sir/ Madam.
    After studying your proposal for the Abbotts Ann New Housing Project, which is located next to the primary school, for Twenty Five houses we would like to make the following suggestions.

    Using the existing sewerage system, the pipe in the Old Coaching Road will cause a significant environmental problem in Mill lane. The reason for this is that the regulating valve in Mill Lane is already under tremendous pressure from the pumping of sewerage from the Monxton system. The volume of sewerage has caused, on many occasions, the valve at the manhole to fail in Mill Lane leading to flooding right across the road including parts of the water meadow being flooded with contaminated water ( if entering into to Pill Hill Brook, with significant volume, a catastrophic impact would occur on the whole of the water courses leading to the River Test )

    Also, with the volume of sewerage water unable to escape from the Old Coaching Road pipe system, there might be back fill problems with the Old Coach Lane pipe, residents on that system could suffer with sewerage waste water not escaping from their dwellings especially those at the lower end of the system particularly those who live at Church Close and lower parts of Manor Close.

    I am not an engineer, perhaps a technical professional might be able to confirm if a small pumping house would perhaps overcome the problem of gravity making it possible to connect to the Salisbury Road system, reducing to a degree the pressure off of Mill Lane.
    I understand this would increase the cost of this development perhaps the school sewerage pipe could also be connected to it and any future development and perhaps some lower dwellings on the old coach road sewerage system.

    Could a small car park be built in the field opposite the school helping to reduce the parking along the road during drop off and pick up times. This can be a problem for mothers on a busy road during those times. There would, also, be an increased volume of vehicles entering and leaving St John Cross on the Salisbury Road (a very dangerous road). A roundabout at that crossroad would make it easier leaving and entering this new housing estate leading to a very congested junction already at peak times at St Johns Cross.

    The houses could be a mixture of red brick and timber design particularly the red brick which would be in keeping with the local architecture, a tradition used
    for centuries in Hampshire villages and especially Abbotts Ann.

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