Dear Member,
Welcome to AACLT and thank you for showing support for our objectives by agreeing to be a member.

We are making strong progress with our plans to provide affordable housing and houses suitable for those who would like to downsize.

We would normally be expecting to hold our first AGM about now, but the pandemic has intervened and made it impractical to hold a normal general meeting of shareholders. Legislation has been passed to enable us to cope with this difficulty by dealing with the necessarily formal business of an AGM by electronic means.
Accordingly, click HERE for our Annual Report & Accounts covering the period from our creation in February 2019 to the end of our first financial period on 31st March 2020. Click HERE for details for a series of formal resolutions which you are invited to approve. A brief explanation accompanies each resolution and if you have any further queries about the resolutions please do not hesitate to contact me by using the “Contact Us” or phone (01264 710001).

Votes on the resolutions should be submitted by logging on to this website and accessing the Members ONLY Area HERE and must be lodged by 30th September 2020 at the latest please in order to be valid.

Yours sincerely,

John Patience
Company Secretary
Abbotts Ann Community Land Trust Limited
Registered Office 1 Manor Cottages, Church Road, Abbotts Ann Andover SP11 7BQ