Community Benefits

As part of any development of local housing, TVBC can seek contributions to mitigate the development’s impact and provide benefits to the area affected by the development. These benefits, whether works or payments, are secured under a Section 106 legal agreement, and / or through the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL).

The Abbotts Ann proposals could provide around £100,000 S106 funding, and there would be an additional opportunity to bid for CIL funding.

The CLT consultation will seek ideas from residents as to local projects on which this money could be spent to provide community benefit.

Suitable projects could include:-

  • The provision and improvement of multi-purpose community resource facilities and recreational spaces.
  • The provision, replacement of sports pitches and sports facilities; the enhancement of existing sports pitches and facilities.
  • The provision of (and enhancement of existing) open spaces including parks and public gardens, informal recreation areas, provision for children and teenagers, and allotments.


Please let us have your thoughts via the feedback link on page 22 of the proposal document.  Closing date for feedback is 31st October 2020.