Progress Report 2017

Progress Report at 15 March 2017

We said we would keep you informed about progress following the public meeting on the 17 January which was reported in the March Parish Magazine.  So here is a brief update.

Thank you to those who made suggestions as to the most suitable location for a site for development and telling us which location criteria you think are most important.  That feed-back is being analysed and we are in discussion with the planners.  We hope to have a short-list for discussion with landowners and with the community at large before long.

We have a working group looking at the ways in which the development can be funded and the different forms of partnership we might have with a housing association.  This involves considering how the risks of development should be allocated and ensuring that the affordable homes created are affordable in the long run.

We expect soon to establish a Community Land Trust, a legal entity established and run by the community to provide benefit to the local community.

More information can be found on the village web-site at or from:

Beth Deacon  711041

David Read 710090

Ray Lucas  710037